Hey guys!

I’m super excited to announce the (non-commercial)release of my new single “Formulaic”. It’s been sitting on my computer for weeks and I’d been itching to finish it, but I was busy.

Anyway, this is called Formulaic because I wanted to try out how sticking to a formula would help. I think this track sounds closer to mainstream electro house than my other sounds. What I found was that it helped me quicken my workflow since I didn’t have to constantly focus on the final song  structure. I also realized that I was stumped for ideas less often. Usually, I end up splitting the production over several periods over a week so I can be inspired by the things happening around me.

As always, I’m pleased and eager to hear feedback and suggestions! So please comment.
If you like it please vote for it on the Spinnin’ Talent Pool here. Stay tuned, new post on my latest coding adventure coming soon.

See ya!